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Backhanded's Basic Recruiting Rules

All of these rules are founded on the fact that we truly believe in our product: our organization, mission, vision, team culture, and competitive goals for both Backhanded and Shadowbox will speak for themselves!


  1. Be friendly and relaxed!  We believe in our product and want players to join us who are excited about what we offer.  No pressuring! 

  2. Find out what a player is interested in for the club season (competitiveness, culture, travel, division, etc) and let her know how we might meet any of those factors.  Ask a lot of questions! Be prepared that we may not be the best fit (people chose their club experiences based on a lot of factors)– and if we aren’t the best option see #1!

  3. We do not put down other teams or the mixed division.  It does not matter what your personal opinion is about Team X or mixed vs. women’s, this is not an appropriate time to share.  You may, however, share your personal experiences if you are asked.  Always redirect to how excited we are for our season and what our team stands for.

  4. Encourage ladies to go to as many tryouts as they are interested in, emphasize you think its important to find the right fit.  No secrets needed!  We don’t want anyone to feel any shame or secrecy about who they are trying out for.

  5. Tell your story.  The most powerful recruiting comes from why you want to be a part of this program, so share it!



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