One of the core values of Backhanded is its commitment to the growth of the women's ultimate community. Whether it is captaining, coaching, or running youth clinics, the team continually works to support the community throughout the DC-Maryland-Virginia region. Here is some of what we're up to!


Wei Gao- Georgetown University A


Katharine Lindquist- George Washington University A

Casey Hagen- George Washington University B


Heidi Weeks- Johns Hopkins

Courtney Greene- Towson A

Zara Cadoux- Towson A


Alice Bauman- Towson B

Echo Presgraves- Towson B


Britta Schaffmeyer- UMBC

Bridey Gallagher- UMBC


Lisa Kowalski- George Washington University A

Kendall Payne- George Washington University A


Jackie Weiss- UMD Helpful Corn A

Youth & Women's Programming

Zara Cadoux        -Commissioner of U19 Girl's League

    -President of Backhanded Ultimate

    -Co-founder of GUM

    -VP of Central Maryland Ultimate Assoc.


Echo Presgraves  -Coordinator of annual Layout Clinic

     -Leader of GUM Clinics in MD

     -Coordinator of local workouts


Marlena Luhr       -Commissioner of WAFC's Women's

      Spring League


Sarah Lord           -Atlantic Coast Region Women's  

      Conference Coordinator


Katharine Lindquist  -Leader of GUM clinics in DC

 -Manager of Capital Women's Ultimate