Backhanded spent eight years hosting numerous outreach efforts that have increased the number of women playing and staying with ultimate. In 2019, Backhanded will no longer be competing as a team. To learn more please go to our Facebook page.


Our program vision is to:

  1. Offer a welcoming, collaborative, and competitive playing opportunity for women in the DC-Baltimore area 

  2. Improve within the Select division, and work towards the Elite flight

  3. Continue to support and elevate women's ultimate opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic region for players of all ages

  4. Be active leaders in the ultimate community at large


Backhanded's mission is to expand the reach and competitive level of the women's game in the Mid-Atlantic region through increasing playing opportunities for women, offering competitive options for female athletes to play club ultimate, and engaging in grassroots outreach for all levels of play in the Baltimore-DC area.

Family: Backhanded is a family. To keep our family strong, we promise to uplift and encourage each other, maintain open and supportive dialogue, and tackle obstacles as a cohesive unit


Support: We recognize that ultimate is not a just a sport, but a community that provides a support network and fosters productive competition. As such, we will push ourselves and others with positive energy, and elevate the spirit of the game


Hard Work: We are dedicated to achieving our maximum physical potential by working hard to improve our athletic abilities and our ultimate skills


Mental Toughness: We will improve our game and team by keeping ourselves and our teammates in a strong, stable, positive mental state


Community Activism: We will support the ultimate community by participating in and running events that bolster playing opportunities and elevate discourse in the community at large

Core Values

Growing Women's Ultimate in the Mid-Atlantic Region

To achieve our vision, Backhanded embraces the following core values: